Z Garden Party — Susan Regert (Merced, California)

Susan has been a prolific artist for more than 30 years. Born and raised on a small farm in Merced, the heart of California, she has drawn on her surroundings, initially for her watercolors, and more recently, in her lawn art and metal garden sculptures. 

Years of raising Suffolk sheep, and then managing the family cattle business, has given her insight into the character of animals and their surroundings, which have been the subjects of much of her work.

In 1996 she started Z Garden Party. Her goal was to design a series of outdoor garden art which would appeal to both the whimsical and the serious collector. Susan prefers a realistic approach in both her paintings and yard decor. Her collection of garden sculptures are cut by a plasma cutter from 14-gauge or stronger steel. They are then sent to the greenhouse to start the rusting process. The metal lawn art then develops a rusted patina, which continues to change as they weather outside. She believes the natural rust is asophisticated yet understated" look for the garden and lets the design be the focus. 

zg cat family

Cat Family

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