Terra Cottage Ceramics — Michael Terra (Paducah, Kentucky)

Michael is the self-proclaimed Mud Poet, a poet and sculptor who works in stoneware. About 20 years ago he found his love for the combination of words and clay. A business was born and he never looked back.

With what he calls an unreasonable number of years of doing various different types of art, Michael found himself working as a full-time ceramic sculptor for more than 12 years. "I love to work with everything, Michael says. About his Squints, he says, there is a majesty and intimacy combined in the miracle of the human face. I love that about people."

He explains that each one of these little faces "belongs to someone (maybe you) and is completely unique." He jokes that "no molds are harmed in the making of this work."

Made of high-fired stoneware, these folks are fine indoors or outside and "lend themselves to being hung in conversations' with two or more joining in," he adds. In past years, he has hidden them in Christmas trees.

mt squints 9.6.20


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