StoryPeople — Brian Andreas (Decorah, Iowa)

He’s the writer and artist behind StoryPeople — his crew describes Brian as "equal parts gentle Zen monk and wildly exuberant child, bubbling over with laughter and love and snark, he kind of feels like being in your favorite place, if your favorite place moved around every year, or so."

The folks behind Brian have a wish — that other people experience this amazing world we live in as a world of imagination and possibility and healing. They believe their stories (and everyone’s stories) do that. They believe (fiercely) in the power of stories, "not because they’re our stories,” as their website proclaims, "but because it is valuable and right to protect the precious connections between people.” 

Early in 1994, Brian "discovered the StoryPeople waiting to be carved out of rough barn board, painted in bright colors, and hand-lettered with their individual stories. 

He and his wife Rockne established the StoryPeople headquarters in downtown Decorah, Iowa, in May 1994, and spent the next decade directing the production of wood sculptures, print reproductions, books, greeting card sets and furniture all bearing his trademark "bright colors and hand-lettered stories."

Of his work, Brian has said, "I like art that admits to being a part of life. The moments I have with my friends and family are really all that I need. I like to take them and weave them into stories that are filled with laughter and music and lunacy.

Below are just a few of the Story People pieces we carry.

2016 storypeople calendar

2016 calendar

sp hard to impress print

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