Roosfoos Studio  Tim Rooseboom (Eugene, Oregon)

"My goal is to bring character to purpose, Tim says. "My process is a lot like a chef perfecting a recipe, he continues. "Once the recipe is worked out, I gather ingredients, follow directions and reproduce items (with a little tinkering now and again)."

Tim works alongside the folks at Crosby & Taylor and Oregon Stoneware Studio in a funky shop in the Whiteaker neighborhood of Eugene, Oregon. He says it's an amazingly eclectic place to be. 

All of his pewter work is done in-house, from concept to finished product. Original models are made and molded, pewter ingots are melted and cast, then the pieces are sanded and polished. 

Tim's objective is simple: With an emphasis on craftsmanship and value, he hopes to make something for you that's a little more than ordinary.

roosfoos dogs, cats, instruments

Dogs, cats, and musical instruments measuring spoons

roosfoos 5

Calavera and quilted measuring spoons

roosfoos 1

Bear, bat, and robot wall hooks

roosfoos matnets

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