Rhonda Cearlock — (Vandalia, Illinois)

Experiences with clay, firing techniques, molds and textures have come together in Rhonda's rich, textured, organic, contemporary wall reliefs.

These reliefs are handmade porcelain stoneware and terra cotta clay bodies. Rhonda paints with acrylic and oil patinas and varnishes the pieces, and then mounts them on a wooden framework, for easy hanging.

"I begin by playing around with the placement of the various shapes and textures of the elements I've created,” she explains. "I get the biggest kick out of never knowing just how the piece will evolve. I just let the energy flow as I assemble each one without a plan. I want the viewer to realize the depths of the pieces as they discover all the hidden elements."

After receiving a BA in art education and an MA in ceramics and sculpture from Eastern Illinois University in the late 1970s, Rhonda eventually began working as a full-time artist. She now has worked in ceramics for more than 30 years.

Rhonda says that In all her years traveling across the country doing art shows, she has spent a lot of time seeing the world through "the window of the van. The patchwork of the fields, seasons changing, the rising and setting sun, landscapes of all textures and colors are the images and experiences that have inspired this recent work."

She goes on, "I see this work continuing to evolve as the world around me and the way I see it are in a constant state of change.

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Rhonda’s work commingling with other artists’ pieces

rc modern square

Modern Square

rc serenity sphere

Serenity Sphere

rc square tile

Square tiles

rc square tile 2

Square tile

rc tile shards 5

Tile Shard

rc tile shards 4

Tile Shard

rc tile shards 3

Tile Shard

rc tile shards 2

Tile Shard

rc tile shards 1

Tile Shard

rc 6

Zen Rectangle

rc 5 tile modern

5-Tile Modern

rc stix


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