NodRog Studios — Donna Gordon (Loveland, Colorado)

Donna, a Colorado native, decided to follow her passion for creating, and abandoned her life as an insurance agent after recovering from a serious illness. Her real love affair with glass began in October 1999 when she had her first lesson in off-hand glassblowing.

She strives for her work to be original and unique. "My inspiration comes mainly just from living,” Donna says. “It can be as simple as a texture, a color, the way the sun is casting a shadow, the crisp smell of fall. I believe that we are here on this planet to experience love and joy both individually and collectively. It brings me much joy deep in my heart to know that something that I have created has a special significance for so many people.

Although designed for use in wine bottles, the stoppers can be utilized in any bottle that needs capping. A craftsperson makes the stainless steel bases for her, ingenious in their way of standing instead of rolling around your counter. 

dg wine stopers 7.22.20

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