Nina Cambron Studio (Novi, Michigan)

Fused glass represents a magical canvas of color and light for Nina. "The richness, luminescence and depth of layered glass allows me to express my creativity in its purest form,” she says.

She describes her work as being "in a constant state of flux, not just season to season but piece to piece, as each result influences the next. She says a BFA degree along with 30 years of graphic experimentation, work in clay and metal, a love for words, a whimsical versus serious bent and love for the human figure play a huge role in her current work. 

The glass frit she uses for details and patterning is repurposed from her "oodles of glass scrap from the clocks.

Below are just a few of Nina's pieces we carry.

nc tiles and clocks

Wall tiles and clocks

nc nightfall clock


nc stacked squares

"Stacked Squares"

nc tumbling colors

"Tumbling Colors"

nc modern


nc jadite


nc tiles

Inspirational and humorous wall tiles

nc night lights

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