McCavitt  Designs — Donna McCavitt (Athens, Georgia)

Donna loves working with clay. Even though her formal training was in painting and printmaking, she has been creating clay figures since she was a little girl. She has found that both the Sgraffito (freehand drawn) technique plus hand building all her work "have a very tactile quality that captures my textile senses." All pieces are completely built by hand, hand painted, and fired in a downdraft kiln.

"My work is meant to be part of your everyday life and bring a spark of color even on the cloudiest day, she says. She continues, making my clay pieces helps me keep an innocent wonderment for the beauty of nature. Laughter and art can make life more joyful."

Her sculptural hand-built ceramics are embellished by carving, stamping and painterly glazing. She draws and creates her own templates. Everything starts from a lump of terra cotta or buff clay. "I start with the clay piece leather hard and paint several coats of under glaze on the area I wish to carve the design." Once the under glaze is dry, she uses special carving tools to carefully carve through the top color layer to expose the clay color. 

"I love this technique,” she says, “because it really challenges me to work in a certain rhythmic balance. To help me draw fluidly, music is a big part of this process.

dm rattles, cards

Contemplation rattles w/cards

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