KolarArt Creations — Mary Kolar (Lincoln, Nebraska)

"I have been an artist for as long as I can remember,” Mary says. As a child, she was always drawing, painting, doing crafts. "Even back then I knew that what I was doing right there at that moment in time would be the building blocks to what I would become as an artist.

Art was and still is Mary's passion. "I have always believed that our life experiences lead us to where we are at the present moment.” She took every art class she could take in middle school and high school, checking out every art and craft book in the school library. After she received her BFA, she continued to take art classes and attend workshops whenever she could and continued to perfect her craft. 

"And it still continues, this quest," she adds. "My art reflects all of my life experiences." Mary always had been a collector of “stuff” --that odd piece of metal she found on the street, a handful of old keys found in an old cigar box or a twisted piece of wire at the junk yard. "So, it has been natural for me to incorporate these found items into my work."  In 1992, she decided to "jump off the cliff and devote my time to my artwork and to also give my business a name, so KolarArt Creations was born.

The Odd Birds, Odd Owls, Odd Cats and ClockBots are made from handmade and found objects. She developed her "own secret handmade paper clay recipe“ for the Bad Hair Day Masks.

mk odd owls

Odd Owls

mk square odd birds

Square Odd Birds, Odd Egg Bird

mk clockbots


mk odd cats

Odd Cats

mk odd birds

Odd Birds

mk masks

Bad Hair Day masks

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