Jeff Price (Santa Ana, California)

The year Jeff was born, his father built his first glass-blowing studio in their backyard. Both of his parents participated in the early days of the Studio Glass Movement (the 1960s) and went on to work in glass for many years. "From an early age I would watch them with wonderment, Jeff reminisces. "They were having such great fun that I knew I also wanted to blow glass when I 'grew up."

From them he learned much about form and color, as well as experiencing the excitement of working with glass. His extensive experiments with glass, both its forming and coloring techniques, have led to a style of glass that features semi-traditional shapes with clever optical effects and bold colors. Pieces sometimes look like abstract paintings, sometimes like rustic remnants of a by-gone era, and often look like modern interpretations of classical art.

"I love glass, he says. "I like to play with it, to experiment with it, to make it do things it does not always want to do."

Jeff now has his own state-of-the art glass-blowing studio with an electric furnace (to provide the cleanest and brightest glass), two glory holes (a hole in the side of a furnace used to heat glass held on a metal rod), an iridizing unit, grinding and polishing equipment, etc. "With all these wonderful tools, I am able to make whatever I want.

Jeff’s Levitating Marbles are his interpretation of the famous “levitating ball” illusion used by Harry Houdini to distract his audience while he performed some of his acts.

Below are just a few of Jeff's pieces we carry.

Levitating Marble

levitating marble

Levitating Marble

jp marbles on stands

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