Heather Tuttle (Salt Lake City, Utah)

“Funny faces for happy people.” This is how Heather describes her work. She creates brightly colored whimsical faces, human and animal, that make you smile. She builds ceramic masks and papier maché magnets with wild hair and oversized noses.

She works as a graphic designer for a newspaper during the work week but spends much of her spare time creating “something more tangible. Something without design guidelines. Something that doesn’t have a high potential of ending up under the litter box.” Heather finds this creative time “more rewarding than I imagined."

The masks are hand-built ceramic that are high fired. They, along with the magnets, are painted with acrylics and decorated with a variety of materials. Hairstyles are made up of either sticks, nylon, feathers, rubber or wire.

“I believe my current work displays the sense of amusement I find from the world revolving around me,” she says, “and of dealing with an often unpredictable head of hair."

Below are just a few of Heather's pieces we carry.

ht magnets 1.6.21

Papier-maché magnets

ht magnets a 1.6.21

Papier-maché magnets

ht ornaments 1.6.21

Papier-maché Ornaments

ht love birds

Love Birds

ht ceramic masks

Ceramic Masks

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