Garden Deva — Lisa Regan (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Lisa Regan has been cutting metal for almost 20 years. After finding success selling her sculptures at regional art fairs, she took the plunge in 1996, quitting her "9 to 5 pantyhose job,” and going into business for herself. 

Since then, Garden Deva Sculpture has done things that Lisa could have only dreamed were possible. She has gone from sculpting with scrap metal and a borrowed torch, to owning her own building and equipment, and working with her family. 

Lisa continues to come up with new original designs and ideas daily, and still enjoys travelling the country selling her works at fine art festivals. 

gd big heart girl

Big Heart Girl

gd cat with bird

Cat with Bird

gd together


gd life is good

Life is Good

gd cat, hound dog, togetjer poles

Cat, Hound Dog, Together poles

gd boy with crown and girl with heart poles 1

Boy with Crown, Girl with Heart poles© Off the Beaten Path 2016