E. Drumm Designs — Elisa Drumm (Concord, Massachussetts)

At a very young age, Elisa, the daughter of artists, was encouraged to explore and create, often studying with some of America’s top artists/craftsmen. For some time she had a line of hand-printed clothing but, after the birth of her twins, she traded in her sewing machine “for power tools and a mini van.”

Today, she designs, carves and paints wood clocks, mirrors, hearts and birds greatly influenced by early American folk art and Southwest colors. Many pieces include hand-cast pewter work designed by her father, sculptor Don Drumm.

These whimsical and functional pieces are cut from pine, sanded and carved by Elisa in her studio. She then paints each piece, using latex house paint and a protective finish. The work is then adorned with buttons, painted steel, rusty metal objects, painted wood stars and hearts, and pewter.  

"I have been working in wood using pine plank to cut, sand, and paint whimsical and functional pieces, she says. "Color is my strength.

Below are just a few of Elisa's pieces we carry.

e drumm grande house mirror

Grande house mirror

drumm birds 12.16.15


e drum owls


drumm box clock wall

Box clocks

e drumm mini moderns

Mini-modern clocks

e drumm boxes

Ring boxes

e drumm mask long face

Long-face mask

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