Dog Star Designs — Gregory & Christine Bolstad (Virginia, Minnesota)

Gregory and Christine create inspirational “wish dishes" out of wet earthen clay. Each piece is entirely handpainted with brushes, utilizing the Bolstads' signature "water-color wash" technique. 

From a log cabin in the boundary lakes region of the Northern boreal forest, Christine and Gregory draw inspiration, and are living the life of their dreams. "We absolutely love what we do."

The two collaborate on design ideas and work side by side in their studio every day. "It is hard to say where one person’s influence starts and ends,” they say. Curiosity and experimentation are sources of continuous excitement in their studio. The fun, spirited way in which they work and live is apparent in all of their creations. "It is delightful to be able to share this beautiful vision with others. It is our continuing wish to assist people in finding beauty in their everyday lives.

wish dishes

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