Back Porch Glass Chimes — Dean Derby (Bakersville, North Carolina)

All of Dean Derby's work is made by fusing iridescent clear and colored glass. He designs, cuts and fuses his pieces with a fusing process known as tack fusing, where the surfaces of the different glass pieces are firmly melted together, but all of his individual heights and textures are still there.

Dean accents his work with brass, copper, glass beads and glass millefiore. He purchases the brass components, crimps, beads and braided line. Everything else — starting with the design ideas up to the finished piece — is made completely by Dean.

He is very proud of being American Made, which is why 98% of his materials are American-made materials. "We'd do 100 percent, but there are some products that just aren't made here,” according to Dean. 

Back Porch is a small studio, which means the Dean gets to wear all the hats. And he loves it. It lets him bring a liberal mix of fun, know-how and elbow grease into every step of the business — from ordering to design to production to customer service and shipping. And when he sees his commitment to hard work and joy reflected in his customers’ faces, it makes him happy!

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