Artifacts Glass Studio — Beth Cunningham (Melrose, New York)

The essence of handmade is very important to Beth. She does all the designing and finishing herself when creating her “treescapes" — stained-glass window panels.

Working in her upstate New York studio since the late 1970s, her work has been greatly influenced by summers spent at her family’s camp in the majestic mountains of the Adirondacks. “The natural beauty of the forest canopy, the sparkling lakes and magnificent peaks captured my imagination,” she explains. 

"I try to capture the gorgeous natural beauty of this region in each of my pieces. Tumbled rocks, bits of natural stone add detail along with the fine hand-fabricated wire overlays. Trees are my main focus! I really want to capture the essence of handmade… like in nature, similar, but close up very different.”

Below are just a few of Beth's pieces we carry.

bc treescapes w:round


bc 7 teeescapes


bc 4 treescapes


entwined roots

Entwined Roots

bc necklaces


bc spirit guides close

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