A. Knight Glass — Amy Knight (Goodyear, Arizona)

"Crayola crayons were my first path to art — that big box with periwinkle, magenta and blue violet…," Amy explains. “So when I discovered stained glass I dove right in.” She says it got even better when she found out about kiln forming glass, or fusing. “Gone were the restrictions of making perfect lines or edges.” She says that was the start of her “obsession.”

She says it is always a surprise to see what the glass looks like when the kiln lid is opened. “Glass can shift as it heats,” Amy continues, “so it occasionally does not turn out as you expected, which adds to the experience; hopefully for the good!”

Amy creates each piece one at a time, which makes each piece unique in its own way. While pieces in each line will be very similar, “they will never be identical. This is what art-in-glass is all about!”

ak tic tac toes 11.12.20

Tic tac toe

ak tic tac toe with sold
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