Paula Best (Lamy)

“It all began several years ago in Berkeley, CA... when a small 2-year-old first painted furniture with finger nail polish… .” So begins Paula’s life story. “I must have been born with a pencil in my hand, she continues. “I remember nothing different. My family are all artistic souls that have always nurtured the creative spirit."

As a career artist, she designed a line of art rubber stamps that kept her on the road for 17 years, also showing wearable art and mixed media collages.

Most recently Paula has been showing her work around the country, which ultimately led her to start her greeting card line, pink blackbird.

“I have a thing about ‘words,' both in meaning and how they look graphically in a piece of art,” Paula says. “Words connect us, bringing us further into the art, and also to a place where we can feel a sense of connection and well being. The words I choose (both mine and others) resonate with all types of people."

Her studio is currently in the "land of enchantment -- a place that has captured my heart and continues to inspire me every day.

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