Melissa Haid (Chimayo)

Melissa uses what she considers relatively simple materials to create her wall panels. Beginning with float (recycled window) or plate glass, pieces are cut and arranged with hand-cut glass shapes, glass beads, mica, copper, steel and aluminum. Layers are created and then kiln-fired to fuse, and once fired, they are assembled.

According to Melissa, “Everything is the result of the smaller parts constructing a whole  an entity which is the sum of its parts  language, landscape, architecture, physics, color, a necklace, a novel. So what I manifest is also in this spectre. Choosing from thoughts and observations which make up an hour, a day, a lifetime. She continues, "a horizon view, five matching flowers, poetry, a shoe pebble, rain, history, absurdity, pink on orange at 4 o'clock. Elements of a moment recorded by physical presence; rituals of assembling, abstraction and order; polemics; illogical random acts of beauty; a documentation of time flying and patience; measuring time to see what it really looks like; trying to see something as it is, just different than expected. These are some things which fuel my work. she concludes.

melissa haid gridded pattern

Gridded Pattern (Between the Lines)© Off the Beaten Path 2016