Lea Ann Ferring (Mayhill)

Lea Ann Ferring grew up visiting Cloudcroft and the Sacramento Mountains, and was blessed to move to the Mayhill area full time several years ago. "Nature excites me and I love to capture it using fiber art,” Lea Ann states. "I create realistic or whimsical scenes using a variety of materials and techniques.”

Through her fiber art, Lea Ann explores texture using felting, quilting, hand stitching and painting with cottons, hand-dyed wools, recycled silks, beads, and various weight embroidery threads. "My favorite pieces come about by asking 'what if' as I apply different techniques.”

laf canyon vista

Canyon Vista

laf guardian angel

Guardian Angel

laf seascape


laf hollyhocks on my fence

Hollyhocks on My Fence

laf purple iris

Purple Iris


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