Kärve-Ware (La Luz)

Thomas Thorp, a furniture maker, built his then roomate an end-grain cutting board a couple of years ago. One day his good friend, Jamil Itani, stopped by and mooned over the board to the point that he insisted Thomas show him the process.

Fast forward to the summer of 2014, and Kärve-Ware was born. In less than a year, Thomas, Jamil and Jeremy Itani have produced hundreds of these beautiful boards.

Kärve boards are “a choreography of hundreds of individual blocks of wood,” says Thomas. The materials are sustainably sourced and are chosen for stability of grain and color. “Kärve-Ware is a three-man team dedicated to quality and craftsmanship through hard work and problem solving,” their motto states.

Wood is naturally antibiotic: Wood has the ability to kill and halt the growth of bacteria with which it comes into contact. End-grain boards are self healing: Face- or edge-grain boards dull knives and become knife scarred; end-grain boards allow the blade to glide through the wood fibers without marring the wood.

karve group

End-grain wood cutting boards

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