Chris Turri (Corrales)

Chris is a “near” native New Mexican, having lived most of his life in the Tularosa Basin of southern New Mexico. After learning various trades, Chris expanded his creative talents to larger sculptures and other metals. Chris currently focuses his work in steel, copper and stainless steel, using a combination of new and reclaimed materials. He builds two- and three-dimensional sculptures of varying scale, including custom installations, spirit masks, shamans and water features. His roots in traditional native silversmith techniques, his love of and connection to indigenous cultures worldwide and his desert living environment shine through in the spirit and elements of his work.

As a primarily self-taught artist, Chris puts no restrictions on his art and utilizes all his trade and silversmith skills, his deep connection to the New Mexico landscape and an adventurous nature to get “in the middle of it all” and try just about anything in his studio. He has developed his own patinas and metal-working techniques and loves that every piece is “one of a kind.”

“I’ve always been a junk collector.” Chris says. “There is so much waste in our world, I look at a lot of it and see a piece come together. It’s amazing the jewels people leave behind in the junk pile! I’ve landscaped, constructed buildings and furniture with the scrap left on a construction site, now I build sculptures. It’s the perfect transition for me. I love to see the old and new come together.”

Chris is inspired by humor, love, the New Mexico landscape and skies, and his fascination with indigenous art and culture.

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